The Jackson Laboratory Center for Biometric Analysis

The goal of the Center for Biometric Analysis was to expand the research capabilities of The Jackson Laboratory in the areas of mammalian genetics and murine biometric analytics. The project included site development and design of a 19,000 sq. ft. biomedical research facility which consists of physiological and behavioral research laboratories, vivariums, support space and core service facilities, office space, and general supporting administrative facilities and infrastructure. Harriman programmed and designed the facility with site utilization, aesthetics, functionality and sustainability as overarching considerations.

Project Overview


The Jackson Laboratory


New Construction


19,000 Square Feet

A robust program of leading edge labs

The design included 12 physiology suites and 12 behavior suites for studies and 1,200 animal cages for studying:

  • NeuroBehavioral Phenotyping
  • ImmunoPhenotyping
  • Translational Pharmacology
  • Cardiovascular & Metabolic Phenotyping
  • Metagenomics

Security, noise control, odor control, vibration control, lighting and material flow as well as the separation of clean and soiled were paramount concerns during the design. The construction required extensive studies to ensure that noise and vibration during construction, as well as ongoing activities after occupancy, would not disrupt the animal studies.

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