West End Yards

Combining housing, retail and office uses, the West End Yards mixed-use development transformed an under-utilized parking lot into a vibrant nexus of city life. The project was the first development to use Portsmouth’s Gateway Zoning ordinance to allow for a mix of residential and non-residential development. This transformative project has been an essential force in reshaping and revitalizing Portsmouth’s West End neighborhood.

Designed in association with PCA Design.

Project Overview


Torrington Properties
The Dolben Company
Mount Vernon Company


Retail / Office


Retail – 22,000 SF
Office – 22,000 SF

Key Contacts

Mark Burnes, AIA

Creating a “live-work-play” neighborhood

Harriman played an integral role in designing and delivering “Building C”, the complex’s commercial heart. The building comprises office and retail space. Building C plays a critical role in fulfilling the developer’s goal to create a “live-work-play” destination. In addition to office and ground floor retail, the design concept activates the public space with indoor and outdoor amenity and dining spaces. The architectural concept extends and enhances the development’s lifestyle and branding vision established in the earlier residential phases. Corrugated metal siding, barn-like building forms and a rich color palette create a modern rustic aesthetic that supports the developer’s lifestyle concept while honoring the site’s context. 

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