University of Southern Maine Bailey Hall

Outdated, isolated, and uninspiring teaching laboratories at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham were transformed into light-filled, flexible learning spaces. Priorities for this structure, originally constructed in 1958, included increased energy efficiency, improved infrastructure, and enhanced learning environments.

Within the laboratory classrooms, movable furniture accommodates flexible teaching, learning, and collaboration. Transparency and visibility were important design considerations. Unobstructed views enhance the teaching environment and improve safety.

Project Overview


University of Southern Maine



Design for better learning

As part of the effort to improve outdated classroom spaces, corridors were transformed beyond simple pass-throughs. Activities going on in the classroom can be viewed from the hallway, creating an interconnected environment. Every part of the updated design, from the glass display cases in the halls to the movable furniture, encourages flexibility.

Expansive windows along the building’s central circulation enhance connectivity and brighten the learning environment. Daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, and a new high-efficiency split air conditioning system all provide superior energy efficiency and comfort.

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