Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Building 29

Building 29 located on the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine currently serves as the base fire station and was originally built in 1865. Multiple additions and renovations throughout the years coupled with the current configuration have resulted in inefficiencies that needed to be resolved.

An addition to the existing footprint of the building will include a 3,000 square foot apparatus bay addition with photovoltaic panels to be installed on the addition roof to increase energy savings. Upgrades will be made to the building envelope, windows and doors, electrical systems, mechanical systems, fire protection/alarm systems, sprinklers, and life and safety. The project also includes the removal of non-sustainable structure (heated storage shed behind Building #29).

There are various internal upgrades and renovations that will be made to improve adjacencies and building function. The existing first floor plan will be modified creating a new entry area, watch desk, offices, conference rooms and a bunk room. Other interior existing spaces will be converted to gear locker room, EMS storage, a SCBA recharging station, lunch room and galley, a laundry room, and mechanical spaces subdivision.

Project Overview


Portsmouth Naval Shipyard


Renovation / Expansion


3,0000 Square feet (expansion)

Key Contacts

Mark D. Lee, AIA, LEED AP

Optimizing building performance

Using Trane Trace we are able to model the performance of the building with the proposed changes verses the performance of the existing space today. As a result of all of the upgrades and improvements electrical usage decreased by 30% while the thermal energy usage decreased by 85%. Whereas the ASHRAE-90.1-2007 standard requires an energy savings improvement of 30%, our model with the changes envisioned will be saving 51% or 170% more than that required by the ASHRAE standard. The total energy savings realized will be 6008.9 106 BTU/YR. This savings represents 104% of the value requested.

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