New Hampshire Hospital Inpatient Stabilization Unit

Harriman was engaged to design a new admissions area and inpatient stabilization unit for the evaluation and treatment of new psychiatric care patients at the State of New Hampshire’s Acute Psychiatric Services Hospital. The Harriman team harnessed the opportunity to provide a secure, safe and dignified experience for patients in a fragile psychiatric state.

Intervention at the point of crisis can set the course for recovery. The basis for our work was the contention that people in psychiatric crisis who experience compassionate, respectful, person-centered care are more motivated to follow up with recommended care. The goal was to respect patient and resident dignity, individuality, and privacy without compromising the operational realities of close observation, safety, and security. The design concept surrounds the patient with furniture, furnishings, and fixtures that evoke a residential character and are appropriate from a safety standpoint.

Fostering interaction and community were also important design factors. To facilitate staff interaction and connection with patients and discourage isolation or detachment, all patient rooms have exposure to natural light and open onto a shared and spacious dayroom for a variety of activities. The nurses desk oversees this dayroom and provides direct interaction between patients and staff.

Project Overview


State of New Hampshire




15,00 Ssquare Feet

Key Contacts

Peter Pinkerton, IIDA, NCIDQ

Improved Security

In addition to the Inpatient Stabilization Unit, Harriman was charged with developing a plan to improve the security at the front entrance of the hospital which includes a state police station, which provides security for the entire State of New Hampshire business campus in addition to the hospital.

Harriman developed a secure entrance to control visitor access and prevent elopement, expanded the police station and established control points through the public lobby area to improve security. Ballistics grade wall construction and glazing secure the police station and entrance vestibule.

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