Nashua New Middle School

The design of the new Nashua Middle School is derived from the desire to create academic “villages” centered around a “learning hub”. These academic studios provide a common agile collaborating and gathering area to establish a smaller community of students and teachers to develop social connections within the context of the larger school. The learning hub is a space filled with break out rooms, an array of flexible furniture, interactive technology and small group collaboration areas.

The plan organizes academic villages on three floor plans in three wings. This provides the flexibility to organize grades and teams either by floor or by wing. In all instances, special services to accommodate learning differences are distributed throughout all teams to promote an inclusionary service model.

In addition to supporting a middle school social and emotional learning model, the configuration of the new building creates a compact footprint that is not only efficient but reduces distances between classroom villages and other programs including Unified Arts, Physical Education, Cafeteria, and the Library and Learning Commons.

Nashua Middle School Cafeteria

Project Overview


Nashua School District


District wide Analysis
New Construction


220,000 Square Feet

Key Contacts

Lisa D. Sawin, AIA, LEED AP
Jamie Ouellette, AIA, LEED GA

Nashua Middle School Cafeteria

District-wide analysis identifies a path to equity

To help establish a roadmap for the future of Nashua, New Hampshire’s Middle Schools, Harriman undertook a comprehensive assessment and analysis of its existing facilities. This assessment viewed the existing resources through three critical lenses: program equity across the District, life safety/code/ADA compliance, and enhanced safety & security.

The planning effort resulted in the recommendation to invest in two existing middle schools and replace the Elm Street Middle School. A central goal was to provide a more equitable distribution of enrollments, educational offerings and services, as well as to ensure that the needs of the district’s Special Education programs are provided for.

Digital rendering of students working in a Nashua Middle school common room

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